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Warning Signs: 5 ways to know if you need a dehumidifier

Here’s a cute little dehumidifier helping dry out a freshly painted room. An interesting use, eh? The basic function of a dehumidifier is to drain excess moisture from the air and store it as water, which has many health and home comfort benefits.

Here’s a cute little dehumidifier helping dry out a freshly painted room. An interesting use, eh? The basic function of a dehumidifier is to drain excess moisture from the air and store it as water, which has many health and home comfort benefits.

“A dehumidifier? What’s that? Don’t I have enough appliances already?” you may be asking. “How do I even know if I need a dehumidifier?”

Your child or someone you love may be plagued by allergy problems and you feel like you’re losing the battle against the invisible microorganisms at the root of the problem. How can you fight what you can’t see? Well, if your home or apartment feels stuffy, has0 dust-filled or moldy air, or just you have allergies that just won’t seem to go away, it may be time to attack the problem head-on and invest in a dehumidifier.

Better air quality means better health for everyone. It can be the difference between waking up in the morning feeling irritated and groggy and feeling fresh and alive.

Here are some warning signs in your home that may benefit from a dehumidifier:

1. You or a loved one has allergies that just won’t seem to let up. Many people with indoor allergies are allergic to several irritants and will cough and wheeze regardless of the season. Mold releases invisible spores as it grows that irritate nasal passages and the skin, which can make allergies worse regardless of the season. Dust mites also tend to grow faster in higher humidity.

While I don’t suffer from any allergy problems myself, they seem to constantly make my boyfriend miserable. It’s as if he constantly has a cold. Sometimes it’s hard for me to watch him hold tissues up to his nose to stop it from bleeding, knowing I can’t do anything to help. I’ve tried making warm herbal tea for him to inhale, which helps a little, but the essential problem is the air quality. While one can try to avoid outdoor air allergens, let’s face it: most people spend most of their time indoors, especially if they telecommute or work in an office, and there are many allergens indoors, too.

2. Breathing could be better. Humid air increases the amount of indoor air pollutants that cause respiratory illnesses such as asthma. The purpose of dehumidifiers is to make breathing easier.

As breathing is the most essential thing we do, we could all benefit from better respiratory health. What could be a better boost to overall health than breathing in more oxygen and less dust and bacteria? If you have any kind of sinus flare ups, sleeping or respiratory problems, a dehumidifier may be able to help you “clear the air.”

3. You just want to feel more comfortable in your own home. Overly moist air can be uncomfortable, can ruin any attempts at a good hair day, and can make you feel extra gross after a good workout or running some errands. Air discomfort is often caused by the humidity, not the actual temperature you see on the thermometer.

Air in the South is especially notorious for being constantly humid, especially in the summer. Homes are a safe haven to protect us from the swampy outdoor bog of sweat. There is no better feeling than walking into a house with cool, awesome-feeling air after running an errand in 98 degree weather with what feels like 1000% humidity.

4. You need to control mold or get rid of some unwanted critters. It’s surprising how many pests don’t like dry air. Instead of immediately calling the exterminator, a dehumidifier may create an environment where the problem itself will want to pack up and leave. Mold is just gross and unappealing in general and leaves a bad odor. Instead of spraying down your house with air fresheners to mask over the odor, it’s better to just have genuinely fresh air.

Mold and lichens won’t grow where it isn’t moist and bugs and pests won’t want to live in your house: problem solved.

5. You want to prevent expensive water damage. In areas prone to flooding or simply for homeowners who have a basement, humidity and excess water can cause a plethora of expensive home repairs. It is much cheaper and economical to prevent the air from getting too moist than having to replace expensive pipes and structural materials.

Water tends to ruin housing and get expensive pretty quickly. Often more structural damage is caused by firefighters hosing down a house than from the actual fire. It can be a pain to remove standing water from a basement and even more of a pain to have to pay someone thousands of dollars to replace the wood or pipes in your house. A heavy duty humidifier can help decrease standing water and seeping walls in basements.

If you related to any of the 5, it may be time to start dehumidifier shopping to reap the benefits of better air quality!