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DRI-EAZ products dry and restore water damaged buildings due to floods or natural catastrophes. This company was initially established as a small carpet cleaning company in Burlington, Washington in 1980 before evolving into a manufacturing facility for dehumidifiers, deodorizers, air movers, air scrubbers, cooling and heating units, carpet dryers and systems that dry pets.

Legends Brands Inc. manufactures the DRI-EAZ brand and is also located in Burlington, Washington. Legends Brands is a group of companies with over 140 years of experience with William Bruders at the helm as president. In 2006 Endeavor Capital partnered with Blue Point Capital and Legends Brands to increase the growth of the already high-ranking DRI-EAZ brand.

They strive to provide the best restoration equipment on the market to meet the needs of customers and at the same time strengthen the businesses who rely on their equipment. Distributors located in North America, Europe and Australasia provide modern merchandise that saves time, labor and money.

Customer input is an important part of their research, and they strive to incorporate the comments received into making DRI-EAZ products that are user friendly. They also provide courses at universities in Burlington, Nashville, TN and the UK on the latest technologies and methods of restoration methods.

Dri-Eaz Crawlspace Dehumidifier

The ability to control humidity in a small area such as crawlspaces or attics is made easy with the Dri-Eaz CMC100 Crawlspace Dehumidifier. It is the perfect compact, simple, and reliable solution for resolving humidity problems quickly and efficiently. This fantastic Dri-Eaz Crawlspace Dehumidifier tackles humidity problems in small spaces, leaving behind fresh, dry air. Read more »