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Aprilaire 1710 Whole Basement Portable Dehumidifier

$1,199.95 | View Details

If you’re looking for an energy efficient dehumidifier that can tackle moisture in large spaces, The Aprilaire 1710 Whole Basement Portable Dehumidifier is an excellent choice. Designed to dry out spaces in a short amount of time such as basements and garages up to 2000 square feet, the Aprilaire 1710 is well equipped to withstand changing humidity levels year round.

During operation, the unit draws 8 amps of power and airflow of 275CFM at 0.6 in. of w.c. external static pressure. The unit is controlled by built-in automatic controls, which allow you to set it for desired dehumidifying intensity. For continuous drainage, the Aprilaire 1710 Whole Basement Portable Dehumidifier includes a trap pipe that can be fitted to a drainage hose to eliminate the bucket emptying process. This 93 pound unit is set on wheels for easy moving, but can also be fitted with the included flat mounting feet for stationary usage.

The sides of the unit are well ventilated to prevent overheating of the internal components during operation. The unit also opens on both sides to allow easy access to the filter no matter how you place the machine. Additionally, there are hygienic disposable and eco-friendly washable filters available for your convenience in accordance with your preference.

The unit isn’t the quietest– it operates at a volume of 54 dBA and operating temperature ranges from 40° to 50°F, and should only be operated in well ventilated open spaces away from furniture or anything that can get caught in the interior moving parts.