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Danby 70 Pint Dehumidifier

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Our Review:

Have a big space and want a lot of control? Danby’s 70 pint DDR7009REE Energy Star dehumidifier can cover up to 3,800 square feet and has a remote as well as a digital keypad with LED display. Ice and cold beware, as this Danby has an auto de-icer to prevent ice build-up on coils and low temperature operation. Big basements and humid, musty homes are simply no match for 70 pints of water extraction per day. Lake homes and full basements are a perfect place for this continuously running dehumidifier.


The Danby Corporation understands the importance of having an airborne allergen free controlled environment within your home, office or basement area. Their line of dehumidifiers control humidity levels, cutting down allergens such as dust mites, molds and various fungi. Designed with modern energy efficiency technology standards set forth by the EPA, their dehumidifiers, like the Danby 70 pint dehumidifier, are designed to increase the livability of your home or office.

As with standard dehumidifiers, the warmer moist air circulates through the machine and condenses on the coils of the dehumidifier, collecting water into a drip pan. The unique feature about the Danby is the direct drain option, which allows for constant operation without the fear of ice build-ups on its coils. This technology makes the dehumidifier an ideal unit for every climate. The electronics are remotely controlled for ease of operation, no matter where the unit is sitting in the room. A user friendly digital keypad features a handy LED display, which negates the need for turning on the lights to adjust the dehumidifier.

The Danby 70 dehumidifier is a light weight dehumidifier coming in around thirty-six pounds. This compact durable dehumidifier has a bonus design with its mobility factor. The 12” recessed wheels give this unit mobility, which makes it an ideal dehumidifier for small spaces, in apartments and even on houseboats. The see-thru tank indicator makes the chore of checking the water level a breeze and this makes it practically maintenance free. The dimensions are 11.1 X 15.3” X 23.6” making this product ideal for those who have a hard time lifting heavy items yet need a dehumidifier which performs with minimal maintenance year around.

Priced around $180 the Danby 70 dehumidifier is designed to cover a surprising amount of square footage inside the home. Over 3,800 square feet of living space is covered within the range of the dehumidifier. One of the most sought after features of any dehumidifier is its ability to maintain a constant level of allergen free comfort inside the home. Unlike larger dehumidifiers, that automatically shut down once a certain level of humidity is obtained, the Danby has the ability to acquire and maintain at a consistent level. The standard R410A refrigerant used in most utilities and appliances inside the home are also used with the Danby 70 dehumidifier.

The Danby dehumidifier is not only cost efficient at saving money and energy, it was designed specifically for year round usage. The initial return on investment for this dehumidifier gives the consumer a quality made product that consistently performs annually at optimal levels using very little energy. The Danby has a low temperature operation and a convenient automatic restart feature. Unlike other bulky and outdated continuous running dehumidifiers that run up the power bills, this compact Danby 70 dehumidifier is rated with the seal of approval from the EPA and is Energy Star complaint.