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Dirt Devil Power Reach Multi Cyclonic Upright Vacuum

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We adore them. Our pets give us love, entertainment and, we have to admit, headaches. It’s not them. It’s the pet hair. It’s everywhere; on the sofa, the easy chair, sifting down through the knick-knacks on the end table. The answer is the Dirt Devil UD70095 Power Reach Multi-Cyclonic Upright Pet Vacuum, designed for people who don’t want to give up their pets but can no longer stand the mess.

The Dirt Devil UD70095 was purpose-built for the pet owner. It cleans with a washable HEPA filter that catches allergens and scrubs the air with a carbon filter to reduce odors. The UD70095 powers through dirt with a full 12 amp motor.

This Dirt Devil Vacuum never loses suction. Dirty air runs through a multi-cyclonic system which extracts dirt without the use of a filter. As air swirls around small funnels, dirt is pressed against the sides of the funnel by centrifugal force and slides into the easy-to-empty dirt containment cup at the bottom of the unit. Dirt Devil designed the UD70095 to glide through every-day vacuuming with a large 14 inch cleaning path. It can adjust to six different heights to save your back and includes an eight foot hose to give you a twelve-foot-wide cleaning circle without moving the unit. The UD70095 will clean any kind of floor; carpets, bare floors, rugs, tile and hardwood.

The Dirt Devil UD70095 shines when it picks up dog and cat hair from upholstery. The electrostatic dusting brush gives the pet hair a static charge which makes the hair leap off the furniture to the brush. Cleaning is more thorough than with a standard, non-electrostatic brush.