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Dyson DC28 Animal Remanufactured

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Our Review:

Want a Dyson, but don’t want to pay the price? Buying a refurbished or remanufactured vacuum is often cheaper and reduces waste and protects the environment by reusing parts that would have otherwise been thrown away. And with the quality of the Dyson brand, you can be guaranteed this DC28 Animal will be cleaned, tested, and fixed up to brand new condition – often literally as good as new. The DC28 Animal itself is a wheeled upright vacuum with a brush bar for pet owners who need heavy duty cleaning. It has a telescopic wand and on board tools that can be changed with a simple click. It is certified allergy-friendly and has a washable HEPA filter that does not need to be replaced, saving costs. The remanufactured Dyson DC28 Animal is perfect for the environmentally conscious pet owner.


You might actually enjoy vacuuming with the Dyson DC28 Animal if you struggle keeping up with pet hair on the floor and on your furniture. The DC28 is an upright vacuum that can adjust to different floor types, making going from linoleum to carpet effortless with a push of a button. Dyson technology ensures no loss of suction and no clogging and the powerful suction technology means you can be confident you’re getting to the dust and dirt that is ground into the carpet fibers.

The DC28 is designed with pet hair in mind, so it comes with a motorized attachment that will help you tackle your dog’s bed or your cat’s favorite spot on the couch. Additional attachments are included for use with the 17 foot wand to help you reach small spaces and high spaces. The bagless canister means you don’t have to buy replacement bags, and the HEPA filter can easily be washed in your kitchen sink, so you don’t have to replace filters either. The HEPA filter is a must have for household with asthma or allergy sufferers as it can trap tiny particles like mold spores and dust mites.