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Dyson DC28 Animal

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Our Review:

The DC28 Animal is a Dyson upright that doesn’t mess around. Designed to specifically to pick up pet hair and dander, it’s perfect for pet owners and allergy sufferers. It has root cyclone for no loss of suction and airmuscle technology with three cleaner heads for all floors. Not to mention it has nearly a gallon bin capacity and an allergy and asthma-free HEPA filter that doesn’t need to be replaced. The Dyson DC28 Animal is a powerful high-quality vacuum with a 5 year warranty great for all floors, lessening allergy and asthma symptoms and heavy-duty pet hair vacuuming.


Ideal for the pet owner whose home has been taken over by pet hair, the Dyson DC28 Animal’s cyclonic strength tackles the toughest debris that other vacuums leave behind. Now, thanks to this amazingly powerful vacuum, pet owners no longer have to refrain from inviting guests over due to the overwhelming amount of pet dander sitting atop carpet and furniture. After going over the affected area just one time, users will see dust, dirt, and pet hair disappear like magic. In addition to reducing time and saving embarrassment, this competitively priced vacuum requires no additional accessories like replacement bags, belts, and filters, therefore resulting in an abundance of long-term savings.

There is no shortage of outstanding features that come with the DC28 Animal. While the vacuum was specifically designed with pet owners in mind, the powerful airmuscle technology makes it a must-have for nearly any household. This feature allows the vacuum to reach deep into carpet to effortlessly remove embedded debris. The added feature of root cyclone technology means that dust and dirt is forcefully plummeted and trapped into a bin with no need for a vacuum bag and no loss of suction and power. The bin is transparent to allow users to know when it’s full and will be able to empty it with a simply push of a button. With a whisk of the extra-long wand that extends to a 17 feet reach, users will find hard-to-reach areas much easier to clean. As if all of these amazing features aren’t enough, this vacuum is certified as asthma and allergy friendly, making it much easier for pet owners to enjoy their furry friends in a clean, healthy environment!