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Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi-Floor

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Our Review:

Have you been dreaming of a cordless vacuum? This Dyson DC35 Digital Slim is a portable powerhouse. Equipped with root cyclone technology that can spin the air thousands of times the force of gravity, dust and dirt is sucked out of the air for good without a bag. With a fast recharging lithium ion battery and a convenient wall mount, this vacuum is completely cordless and ready to go. Perfect for on the go and car vacuuming, crevices and dirty stairs won’t stand a chance against you and the Dyson DC35.


The Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi Floor cordless vacuum cleaner is a uniquely designed product that makes quick cleanups easier than ever. Its innovative digital motor makes it the most powerful cordless vacuum on the market, and it’s still remarkably lightweight. The vacuum can run for 15 minutes at its regular suction level or for six minutes at its highest suction level before needing to be recharged. When it’s time to recharge, you just place the vacuum in its docking station, which is wall-mountable for your convenience.

The DC35 has several great features that set it apart from similar products. Its multi-floor capability means it can be used on hardwood, carpet, linoleum, and even non-floor surfaces such as miniblinds. Its anti-static carbon fiber brushes facilitate easy dust removal from nearly any surface. This vacuum’s wand increases your reach by allowing you to clean without bending over, and by attaching the crevice tool to the wand, you can clean corners and under furniture. The brush tool is another attachment that can expand your cleaning capabilities. It works great for window sills and even furniture. The wand can also be detached, which allows you to use the vacuum as you would a traditional handheld vacuum. The clear dirt collection container allows you to see just how much dirt the vacuum is picking up and to easily gauge when you need to empty the container. Emptying the container without making a mess is simple; you just hold the container over a trash can and push a button. Also, because the collection container and filter are washable, you won’t have to spend money on replacement bags or filters.