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Dyson DC39 Multi Floor

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Our Review:

Want a transparent canister that can handle every kind of floor? The Dyson DC39 has radial root cyclone technology to ensure small particles are trapped with no loss of suction. Its triggerhead tool is controlled at the handle, so there’s no need to bend when changing floor types. The DC39’s ball engineering makes steering in all directions along with reduced noise levels from acoustic treatments. With a HEPA filter and a 5 year warranty, this canister is Dyson quality and will be taking care of all your floors for a very long time.


There are many vacuum cleaners to choose from, which use different methods to perform their task. Among them, the Dyson DC39 Multi-Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner is an elegant and efficient model with many convenient and reliable features.

For ease of use, the DC39 uses Ball technology as opposed to the wheels common to most vacuums. Due to this, the vacuum can be maneuvered easily and precisely along any path without leaving marks or impressions on the carpet. Since a large portion of the vacuum’s weight is near its base, it is easy to handle. Compared to the usual bags many vacuums use, Dyson vacuums’ cyclone technology uses centrifugal force to collect all particles in a clear plastic bin. Because it is all collected on a clear bin, it is easy to tell when it needs emptying. Since the bin is plastic, it is easy to clean as well. This means that most of the time spent with the vacuum will be actually used to vacuum.

Since the DC39 doesn’t use bags or the usual filters, there is no need to replace any parts regularly. This means that its only cost is the original one, without having to pay for additional parts. When this is combined with its 5-year warranty, the result is a guarantee that no extra costs will be incurred for a long time.

Between its Ball technology and its bagless particle collection, the DC39 proves to be a convenient vacuum to use. With a long-term warranty included, this piece of equipment will not have any extra expenses or replacements for a long time.