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Dyson DC40 Multi Floor

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Our Review:

This beautiful Dyson powerhouse packs a wallop for every type of floor. An active plate base on the vacuum automatically optimizes performance when changing floors while never losing suction. And since it’s bagless, you will never have to worry about replacement bags and filters. The ball design makes this upright vacuum extremely maneuverable, not to mention increasing your reach with the uniquely extending instant release wand. If you’ve got some diversity to your floors, consider this Dyson to keep every area pristine.


Have you purchased a vacuum only to find it stops working efficiently after just a few uses? Do you find yourself reaching for the broom to sweep up all of the dust and debris left in corners and hard to reach areas that your vacuum can’t seem to maneuver around? Do you have to drag your heavy vacuum around just to get to a place where the wand attachment is close enough to reach? Perhaps you answered yes to all of these questions, but if you answered yes to even one of the above, then the Dyson DC40 Multi-Floor was created just for you! Not only is the Dyson DC40 durable and powerful enough to reach to the depths of your carpet to remove debris that has found what appeared to be its permanent home, its unique design allows it to glide swiftly around corners and reach to the edges of walls to grab hard-to-reach dirt and debris.

The Dyson DC40 is marketed to “turn on a dime,” as a result of components housed inside the ball, making difficult spaces easier to access. The wand attachment included with the Dyson DC40 stretches up to 5 times in length, making it easier to reach difficult spots, including ceiling corners where cobwebs gather. The self-adjusting cleaner head makes transitioning from carpet to hardwood or other floor types a breeze. Not only do users not have to manually adjust the settings, the outstanding performance remains unchanged. As an added bonus to a fabulous product, Dyson provides a 5 year guaranteed parts and labor warranty.