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Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum

$628.79 | View Details

The Dyson DC41 Animal Complete is worth its price. It is easy to use, easy to maneuver and strong enough to manage a household with one or multiple pets. The Ball technology takes a few uses to get accustomed to if you have never had a Dyson Ball vacuum. It’s strange at first to have a turning radius in addition to the usual back and forth motion of vacuuming, but it won’t take long before you can’t imagine not having that ability. You’ll notice right away that the low-profile the deck allows you to easily get under the edges of chairs and other furniture and that you can move from carpet to linoleum to an area rug without stopping to adjust the deck. The Dyson DC41 is noticeably quieter than many other vacuum models. It is also fairly lightweight for its size and abilities.

This vacuum is particularly great for homes with pets because of its attachments, suction power, and filter. In addition to standard brush attachments, the DC41 comes with a motorized cleaner head attachment. Attaching it to the wand allows you to remove pet hair from pet beds and upholstery. It also allows you to reach under furniture where hair can accumulate. One of the unique things about the Dyson brand is its guarantee your vacuum will not lose suction. Powerful suction is key to pulling pet dander and hair out of carpet fibers. Lastly, DC41 has a washable filter that’s able to capture microscopic organisms like bacteria and mold. A washable filter means no recurring costs for replacement supplies, as does the vacuum’s bagless feature.