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Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum

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Our Review:

Quiet, powerful, and cute, the Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister is transparent so you can see exactly what it is picking up. Offered in copper and watermelon colors, you will be amazed at the thorough cleaning power of this canister vacuum with cyclone technology. The Ultra Active Deep Clean EL4300A has automatic cord rewind and is bagless with a washable HEPA filter for allergies. Along with fingertip controls, its furniture guard shock cord doubles as a hose wrap. With tools for virtually every surface, canister and small vacuum lovers will be pleased with the high performance cleaning of the Electrolux Ultra Active.


The Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum can clean any flooring surface. A 180° swivel makes it easy for you to navigate around and under your furniture. The vacuum is able to produce substantial suction power and an additional motor complements the suction by agitating carpet fiber so you can get even the most ground-in dirt out of your carpet. Dirt can be emptied by pressing a button on the dust cup to release its contents into the trash. The vacuum’s compact design also makes it easy to store.

This vacuum has several useful features including a carpet height adjustment feature that offers the ability to choose the best height for a particular type of flooring to help maximize the effectiveness of the vacuum. A variety of attachments allow for cleaning a variety of surfaces. The crevice tool helps get to corners and small spaces, and the upholstery tool comes in handy for furniture. A dusting brush allows you to clean lighter fabrics and curtains, in addition to other surfaces like shelving. Another great feature is the safety cut off power option. This feature automatically shuts off power if an object gets stuck in the nozzle. Simply pressing the reset button on the nozzle get you back up and running. A washable HEPA filter saves you money you’d otherwise spend on replacement filters.