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Friedrich 50 Pint Dehumidifier

$229.95 | View Details

The Friedrich D50AP dehumidifier is a high-capacity unit for areas where heavy moisture buildup is a potential problem. It has an Energy Star rating and is a Green Environmental Attribute Product. It is able to extract 50 pints of water in 24 hours and can be set for humidity levels from 30 to 90 percent. To deal with this high output, the D50AP has a built-in pump capable of pumping the water horizontally or vertically for up to 15 feet. The D50AP can function over a temperature range from 41° to 90°F.

The biggest advantage of this unit is its ability to handle a heavy humidity load in a location that may not be inspected every day. The built-in pump means that moisture does not have to be manually emptied, but can flow continuously into a drain. This feature makes it ideal for basements, equipment rooms, warehouses and other storage areas. These are places often suffering from high humidity build-up problems, and this is a perfect low-maintenance solution. The unit’s low energy consumption allows continuous, long-term running with only minimal power use.

Other dehumidifiers generally have lower capacity and higher energy consumption, making them less suitable for long-term use in areas of high humidity. The D50AP is one of the few units on the market combining high capacity, pumping ability, precise humidity control and the ability to function unattended for long periods. The fact that the D50AP can accomplish this within Energy Star parameters is impressive and adds to the value of the unit.