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Frigidaire 30 Pint Capacity Dehumidifier

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Our Review:

Perfect for apartment or studio living, single rooms, and moderate to dry climates, 30 pints are the smallest units most dehumidifiers tend to be sold in. This product is a smaller version of the Frigidaire FAD504DUD and FAD704DUD which are 50 and 70 pint dehumidifiers, but many Amazon reviewers found it to be very effective for improving musty bedrooms or whole apartments on lower levels.


Keeping your home protected from mold and mildew has never been easier. The Frigidaire 30-Pint Capacity Dehumidifier pulls harmful bacteria and excessive moisture from the air, benefiting your family’s health and providing better smelling and fresher air in your home.

The Frigidaire 30-pint dehumidifier’s small size, handle, wheels and mere 33 pounds make it easily transportable from room to room. The unit will take 30 pints of moisture out of the air before the water bucket needs emptied. Access to the bucket from the front of the unit makes changing the bucket on this dehumidifier a breeze. The fold-down handle on the water bucket makes for convenient carting and limits water being spilt en route to the tub or sink.

The Frigidaire 30-pint also has a connection that allows you to run a hose to a drain so you can have continuous drainage, never having to empty the bucket. This product has an automatic shut-off which will turn off the dehumidifier when the water bucket gets near its 30-pint capacity. Just as the water bucket is easily accessible, so is the filter, which allows you to easily clean and care for it as needed.

This 30-pint Frigidaire dehumidifier is also Energy Star-compliant, meaning you will pay less in energy costs over time using the dehumidifier. The humidity controls give users the ability to set the humidity level depending on the home and environment.