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Hoover WindTunnel Self-Propelled Bagless Vacuum

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Our Review:

Perfect for the all-around upright vacuum lover, the self-propelled Hoover WindTunnel will keep you standing tall after a job well done. It does the driving, so you only need to steer. It’s a beautiful aquamarine vacuum with HEPA filtration, a 29 foot power cord for large rooms, a headlight for seeing underneath furniture, and 5 on-board tools to tackle any job. With excellent suction power and easy to use, this unique self-propelled vacuum holds its ground as an all-around good quality vacuum.


The Hoover Wind Tunnel Self-Propelled Upright Vacuum comes complete with the unique Wind Tunnel technology that focuses on suction power. An embedded Dirt Finder feature gets carpets cleaner and with the self-propelled feature, vacuuming is an easier task. Brushes turn off with a flip of a switch to accommodate the bare floors in your home, without shooting dirt back into the pathway. Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuums are unsurpassed in HEPA filtration and operate without bags that leak dust particles back into the air. The pet-hair tool is a nice feature, pulling pet hair from furniture and stairs with ease. Carpets are cleaner and fibers bear heavier traffic better with regular use of the Hoover Upright Wind Tunnel Self-Propelled Vacuum.

The patented Wind Tunnel technology emphasizes power that stands above the rest. Without the use of bags, the vacuum continues to remove embedded dirt without the loss of power. As regular bagged vacuums become full, the suction power is reduced until a bag is changed. With the Wind Tunnel, the strength is always there when you need it. The easy to empty dirt cup keeps the vacuum ready to use within seconds. Hoover Wind Tunnel added the self-propelled feature to keep vacuuming as it should be – simple. Other vacuums are hard on your back muscles as you strain to push and pull. The Hoover Wind Tunnel Self-Propelled Vacuum takes the strain off your back by having the vacuum do the tough work and not you. The hand-held pet brush rotates to remove pet hair and dander from pet areas, to keep your home healthier and cleaner. HEPA filtration holds allergens, dirt, dust and pet hair inside the bag to add to a healthier environment.