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iRobot Roomba 630 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

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Our Review:

Have pets but don’t want to do the cleaning yourself? If you want a product that is thorough enough to make everyone believe you don’t have any furry friends without having to do the work, the iRobot Roomba 630 vacuum could finally be the one you’ve been waiting for. It’s got you covered, whether you’re worried about the cat or dog bed, dealing with a long haired pet, or cleaning around furniture. It has a plethora of sensors and features that make it perfect for your home or apartment – it can sense floor changes, be set to avoid “off limit” areas, find its way around furniture, and even detect if certain areas have more pet hair and need more cleaning than others. Just set it on its charger or put some batteries in, and let your iRobot Roomba 630 vacuum the house and deal with the shedding today.


Having a pet is one of life’s simple pleasures, but having to clean up dog hair or cat hair on regular basis is one the complicated factors facing owners of shedding breeds. Tirelessly vacuuming can be a pain, and fortunately there is a solution. The iRobot Roomba 630 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pet Hair takes care of the endless cycle of picking up pet hair, and owners only have to worry about emptying the Roomba’s bin when it is full. Talk about a nice device to have around the house.

The Roomba 630 uses a few clever features to carry out its task. The 3-Stage Cleaning System with AeroVac allows the tiny device to utilize a system of side and bottom brushes in combination with the vacuum system. This particular vacuum is able to clean right to the edge of the wall, which results in a better quality clean than a traditional vacuum cleaner. The Roomba 630 also uses a feature called Dirt Detect technology to find spots in the room that need a bit of extra attention.

The size of the robot allows it to go under beds and furniture which are places that generally get neglected in a normal vacuum cycle. The starting pack even includes a virtual wall so the owner can keep the unit out of a room if desired.

Potential robot owners worried about having another device around the house to remember charging need not worry. The Home Base of the iRobot Roomba 630 serves as a charging station in between cycles and even returns itself to the charging station when it is ready. Users of this Roomba 630 really just need to press the clean button and remember to empty the dirt bin.