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Royal Sovereign 55 Pint Bucket Free Dehumidifier

$234.55 | View Details

Many dehumidifiers are now being designed as easy-to-use with a variety of useful options. However, the Royal Sovereign 55 Pink Bucket Free Dehumidifier goes a step further, eliminating the need to use a bucket, providing a convenient, bucket-less option to remove a vast amount of moisture in little time. Removing moisture and creating a clean, fresh, breathable environment has never been easier! The bucket-free, built-in pumping system solves numerous problems in regard to heavy buckets to empty and potentially messy overflows.

As if the bucket-less design is not enough, this machine is compact and portable, designed with rolling casters, making it easy to transport from room to room, so you can enjoy clean, fresh, dry air wherever it’s needed. This dehumidifier can effectively remove up to 55 pints of moisture each day, and with its user controls, the user can adjust the humidity and fan settings to desired levels. The dehumidifier comes ready with everything you need, including the hose and hose guard. The 10 ft. vertical pumping system ensures the ability to easily dispose of water through a drain or convenient outlet. Clean, dry, fresh air is a large contributor to good health, making the Royal Sovereign Bucket Free Dehumidifier a smart buy. The variety of technologically advanced functions, the washable filter that collects dust particles, and ability to quickly eliminate humidity will ensure the great air-quality you desire.