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Miele S7210 Twist Upright Vacuum

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Deep pile, low pile, carpets or smooth, add a twist to your vacuuming routine with the Miele S7210. Extremely maneuverable with Miele’s patented SwivelNeck technology, the S7210 Twist Upright has automatic height adjustment, a sealed air cleaning filter and rotary dial speed control. The casing and motor are under 7 year warranty. The unique handle grip makes it a breeze to go up and down stairs. The vacuum cleaner head even has lights to help you see what you’re cleaning when navigating under furniture. With many little features added with thought and care, this German vacuum aims to please.


Imagine the possibility of vacuuming your floor without having to move every piece of furniture out of the way. The Miele S7210 Twist upright Vacuum Cleaner is uniquely designed with SwivelNeck technology, which allows you to finally get to those hard to reach areas that normally require some moving. This feature allows your vacuum to literally lie flat on the floor as the machine is able to extend underneath tables and furniture with ease. Additionally, this amazing machine is equipped with an automatic height adjustment mechanism which will allow it to recognize and adjust to varying surface changes without losing its outstanding suction power. The user’s only job is simply to guide this vacuum in the right direction.

The affordable Miele S7210 is perfect for those who need multi-functionality like the easy maneuverability, adjusting heights, and outstanding suction power, but are on a tight budget. After a single use, you’ll feel as if you have got away with highway robbery as this machine is rich with useful features. Whether you have hard-wood, tile, or plush carpet, this machine is designed to conquer all floor types. For those hard-to-reach high areas like ceilings or tall furniture, the vacuum comes equipped with a 12 foot extended hose. While many vacuums require frequent vacuum bag changes, the Miele uses excellent quality extra-large bags which hold an abundance of dirt and debris. All of these great features come packed into stunningly attractive, well-built machine.

Miele S2121 Capri Compact Canister Vacuum

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If you have been searching for a vacuum cleaner that is compact, lightweight, cleans exactly like it’s supposed to, and provides long-lasting reliability, than you’ll be delighted to hear about Miele S2121 Capri Canister Vacuum. Manufactured in Germany where excellence takes precedence, Miele vacuums are designed with the intent to give their owner’s 20 years of reliable functionality. The Miele S2 Capri features lightweight, yet durable vacuum cleaners that are easy to operate and perfect for the home that has multiple types of flooring throughout. With a standard two-year warranty and a seven year motor and casing warranty, Miele owners never have excessive worries about their product.

While different flooring surfaces certainly add variety and appeal to the look of your home, finding a vacuum that can effectively clean all surfaces can be difficult. The Miele S2 Capri vacuum cleaners solve this dilemma by including a six-stage adjustable power selector which gives the user the ability to adjust the power to meet the level needed for various floor types and eliminating the need to have a different vacuum for different types of flooring. The parquet floor tool is carefully designed to clean certain delicate surfaces, like hardwood and tile. The Turbo Comfort Turbobrush included with all Miele S2 Capri model works double-time, loosening dirt and grasping onto loose fibers and lint. Don’t let the compact look of the Miele S2 vacuums fool you, loaded with a myriad of fantastic features, and onboard accessories, this products goes beyond its duties in delivering outstanding performance.

LG Kompressor PetCare Plus Canister Vacuum

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From a company known to offer a spectacular range of products featuring cutting-edge technology, the LG Kompressor Canister PetCare Plus Vacuum Cleaner offers nothing less than superior performance. While the machine is designed in compact form, no amount of pet hair, dirt, or debris is too much for this amazing powerhouse to handle. Tucked within the tiny canister, you’ll find all of the tools you need to effectively tackle all of the dust, dirt, and pet hair that hides within the carpet, furniture, stairwells, cracks, and crevices of your living space or wherever you need to use it.

Unlike many vacuums that conquer the dirt from beneath the machine, the LG Kompressor is designed to whisk pet hair, dust, and dirt from three different directions, giving the user the ability to cover a larger area. Users will be amazed by the impressive Kompressor technology that allows the vacuum to compress and collect three times the amount of dirt and debris than its competitors in just a tiny dust bin. But wait, there’s more! This LG Canister Vacuum has a feature that compresses the debris making it easily disposable. The unit is the very first to feature a unique wiper blade inside the bin that works to keep your machine clean while compressing the debris. This product was obviously designed with the pet owner in mind, but has features that work for anyone. Once you are introduced to the Kompressor you’ll wonder why you ever used anything else!

iRobot Roomba 630 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

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Have pets but don’t want to do the cleaning yourself? If you want a product that is thorough enough to make everyone believe you don’t have any furry friends without having to do the work, the iRobot Roomba 630 vacuum could finally be the one you’ve been waiting for. It’s got you covered, whether you’re worried about the cat or dog bed, dealing with a long haired pet, or cleaning around furniture. It has a plethora of sensors and features that make it perfect for your home or apartment – it can sense floor changes, be set to avoid “off limit” areas, find its way around furniture, and even detect if certain areas have more pet hair and need more cleaning than others. Just set it on its charger or put some batteries in, and let your iRobot Roomba 630 vacuum the house and deal with the shedding today.


Having a pet is one of life’s simple pleasures, but having to clean up dog hair or cat hair on regular basis is one the complicated factors facing owners of shedding breeds. Tirelessly vacuuming can be a pain, and fortunately there is a solution. The iRobot Roomba 630 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pet Hair takes care of the endless cycle of picking up pet hair, and owners only have to worry about emptying the Roomba’s bin when it is full. Talk about a nice device to have around the house.

The Roomba 630 uses a few clever features to carry out its task. The 3-Stage Cleaning System with AeroVac allows the tiny device to utilize a system of side and bottom brushes in combination with the vacuum system. This particular vacuum is able to clean right to the edge of the wall, which results in a better quality clean than a traditional vacuum cleaner. The Roomba 630 also uses a feature called Dirt Detect technology to find spots in the room that need a bit of extra attention.

The size of the robot allows it to go under beds and furniture which are places that generally get neglected in a normal vacuum cycle. The starting pack even includes a virtual wall so the owner can keep the unit out of a room if desired.

Potential robot owners worried about having another device around the house to remember charging need not worry. The Home Base of the iRobot Roomba 630 serves as a charging station in between cycles and even returns itself to the charging station when it is ready. Users of this Roomba 630 really just need to press the clean button and remember to empty the dirt bin.

iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum

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Our Review:

Do you think it would be cool if a robot could clean up pet hair around your house and alleviate allergy symptoms for you? If so, get ready to Roomba! At first glance, this hip cleaning robot looks more like a CD player than a vacuum. It can be controlled via remote from your seat and has a battery that lasts twice as long as previous generations. Its iAdapt technology avoids stairs, drop-offs, and off-limits areas. Its small size allows it to easily reach places that would be a pain for you with a traditional vacuum, such as under beds, couches, and along walls. It can even be scheduled to clean your house seven times a week, and you don’t even have to be there. Although this vacuum is pricier, the convenience is worth it for the working pet owner who needs a product thorough with pet hair and allergy and/or asthma relief.


The future has arrived. The iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot automatically cleans your carpet on its own. Other than pushing the button to start it, the Roomba 770 handles the entire job. It can map out the entire carpet and follow a preset plan to get into all of the corners and it can sense obstructions and clean around them. The Roomba 770 can even identify especially soiled areas of carpet and go into a special cleaning routine to deal with them.

The Roomba 770 looks like an oversize hockey puck at 21 inches wide and 3.6 inches tall. It weighs 8.5 pounds and contains a vacuum, a set of brushes, a battery and a sensor array. It also comes with a docking station where it charges itself.

The 770 looks for dirt with optical and acoustic sensors and changes its path to concentrate on soiled areas. When it finds an area of the carpet that needs extra attention, the 770 works in a back-and-forth vacuuming motion just as you would with a regular vacuum. On clean carpet, the 770 follows what will seem to be a random path to living creatures, but it is guided by an algorithm designed to get to every inch of the carpet.

The Roomba 770 works well in homes that have pets with its dual HEPA filters designed to trap dust, allergens and tiny particulates. The Roomba 770 can be programmed to clean on a schedule, up to seven cleanings a week, and you don’t need to be home when it does its work. If it runs out of battery in the middle of a cleaning, the Roomba will dock itself, recharge its battery and continue.

iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum

$577.50 | View Details

A feature-packed device, the iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies handles your vacuuming automatically. A bit over a foot in diameter, and only a few inches tall, this intelligent machine is unobtrusive and efficient. With dual HEPA filters, it can catch particles as small as .03 microns, allowing it to leave healthier and fresher air in its wake. The brushes are designed specifically with pet owners in mind for superior performance in collecting pet hair. And the waste bin is constructed to pack dust, hair and debris effectively, reducing the time between waste disposals.

The Roomba has built in sensors, both visual and auditory, that allow it to sense dirt. Monitoring the environment more than 60 times per second, it wanders each room in a calculated pattern to efficiently clean, and the low profile allows it pass under most furniture. Soft bumpers prevent any damage to fine furnishings. The artificial intelligence built into the iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is incredible. It can be programmed for up to seven regular cleaning times of your choosing, so it can work while you’re away. The programming incorporates features like cliff detection for stairwells or sunken rooms, wall following behaviors, and it will even adapt cleaning patterns to handle areas where extra dirt is detected. Virtual Wall Lighthouses can also be placed to block the robot into a specific area.

The list of features goes on and on including the light weight of 8 pounds, a carrying handle, power management software which allows it run longer on a charge than previous models, a full bin indicator and touchpad controls. Few home appliances have such a complete feature set and receive the rave reviews of the iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies.

iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum

$368.45 | View Details

The latest in iRobot’s collection of innovative vacuums, the Roomba 650 Robot for Pets. It is a feature-packed entry product to the more expensive 700 line. This version of the self-propelled vacuuming robot includes an improved three-stage cleaning system. This includes a side brush that spins as it cleans along walls, bristles that rotate counter-clockwise to pick up debris, dirt, pet hair, and dust from the floor and Aerovac technology that pulls the debris from the bristles into a bin located inside the unit. Because the improved technology allows debris to be pulled into the bin more evenly, less frequent emptying is required.

The Roomba 650 automatically adjusts to different floor surfaces and can easily move from carpet to tile to hardwood and laminate as it moves vacuums from room to room. The device uses iAdapt to enable itself to reach under and around furniture, along wall edges, navigate loose wires, avoid falling off stairs, and clean under bed skirts and window dressings. The Dirt Detect technology recognizes dirtier areas and spends more time cleaning them. If there are areas of the house that are to be avoided, such as pet areas and houseplants, the Virtual Wall feature establishes an infrared boundary that the unit will not cross. For added convenience, the user can program the Roomba 650 to clean up to seven times per week using the Onboard Scheduling feature.

Hoover Platinum Collection Lightweight Bagged Upright

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Our Review:

Do you want all the standard vacuum accessories in one nice little package? The Hoover Platinum UH30010COM is hard on dirt, but light and easy to carry. It also makes sure the mess does not get all over you, with a self-sealing bag that won’t puff a cloud of dirt on you when you’re changing it and a motor that keeps that dirt in one place – in the vacuum, not scattered around the carpet. This vacuum set comes with all the tools and gadgets you’ll need for cleaning, whether you’re tackling blinds on a high window or trying to add some renewed shine to your hardwood floors. This package is great for someone who wants to make sure they have everything ready to go and reliable that they need to keep their house clean at once instead of having to order separate products for each surface, which can add up. The 12-pound Hoover Platinum Collection makes vacuuming less like a chore and more convenient with long cords and extensions for larger rooms with an array of tools at your disposal.


The Hoover Platinum Collection Lightweight Bagged Upright Vacuum with Canister, combines the convenience of portability with the power needed to handle the tough cleaning tasks around the house. The surprising power of this lightweight vacuum can be credited to its 12 amp motor, wind tunnel suction and direct air flow capabilities. Combining this powerful motor with improved airflow has produced suction not typically found in lightweight vacuum cleaners.

The vacuum also comes with several attachments and a canister that makes hard to reach areas like corners and stairs hassle free. The crevice tool attachment provides a great solution for tight corners where dirt tends to collect more easily. From a visual perspective, the Hoover Platinum Collection Lightweight Vacuum is very easy on the eyes. The sleek design has a modern feel that matches most decors because of its dark neutral color.

One of the most helpful features of the Platinum Collection Lightweight Vacuum is the check bag indicator light. There’s no need to repeatedly check if your bag is full. This along with the self-sealing HEPA filter makes the vacuum simple to operate and maintain for virtually anyone.

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Washer with Clean Surge

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Our Review:

Got stains or beautiful carpets at risk? This uniquely designed Hoover vacuum is fast and furious on carpeting. While most other vacuums may get dirt and dust out, let’s face it: not many have deep carpet cleaning technology. Hiring professional carpet cleaners for one annoying stain that won’t go away can be very expensive and sometimes less effective, since it’s always easier to fight wet stains immediately. This Hoover comes with the needed detergent for use, but the big bonus is that it can clean virtually every other surface as well: stairs, upholstery, furniture, and even vertical surfaces. While a standard vacuum is often rendered helpless for erasing spills and stains, the Hoover SteamVac is perfect for families with kids who make not-so-neat messes.


One of the biggest issues many homeowners have with finding the right type of carpet steam cleaners is usability. Many steam cleaners are heavy and bulky and this makes it difficult to move a cleaner from one room to another. Getting into corners and effectively cleaning smaller nooks and crannies is another difficult task to do with many steam cleaners. The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Washer with Clean Surge is lightweight and user-friendly. With this product, deep cleaning carpets can be a more enjoyable and an easier task than what it used to be.

Although the Hoover SteamVac Carpet Washer is lightweight, it has a durable-12 amp motor that effectively cleans the deepest of stains and everyday grime that builds up on household carpets. Novice steam cleaners will find this particular cleaner a breeze to use. Tap water and carpet cleaner are gently mixed and filled in the water storage compartment right before use.

The Clean Surge feature makes this cleaner stand out from the competition. When the cleaner is pushed over carpet and comes across a heavy stain, a special sensor activates the Clean Surge feature and an extra dose of cleaning solution is directed at the heavier stains. This results in an even and deep cleaning throughout the entire carpet. Even the toughest stains such as drink spills and pet stains are able to be treated.

An 8-foot hose makes it easy for users to reach corners and to clean along baseboards where dirt tends to gather. Detachable nozzles provide easy upholstery cleaning capability in addition to two separate fluid containers that snap off and on for quick refilling and easy disposal of dirty water.

The five adjustable rotating brushes on the Hoover SteamVac Carpet Washer with Clean Surge make it possible to clean a variety of floor surfaces. Hard surfaces and carpets alike can be deep cleaned in a short amount of time. Advanced technology used throughout this unique floor cleaner makes it a simple project to clean the most stubborn of stains without working up a sweat.

Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright

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Our Review:

Weighing in at just over 12 lbs, this little beauty is Hoover’s lightest upright vacuum. And as Hoover says, “lightweight doesn’t mean wimpy.” This vacuum has easily stored attachments and no loss of suction so if you are looking for a light upright that won’t strain your back but will get the job done, this one’s for you. It has both a front carrying handle for going up and down stairs with ease along with a recline handle for reaching under furniture. The lime green and red accents on this Hoover vacuum are very stylish. It also comes with plenty of tools for every kind of crevice, extension and surface. This vacuum is perfect for someone who is tough on dust, but doesn’t want a bulky or boring vacuum.


Floor maintenance is one part of the house or apartment cleaning process that can be a challenge. Moving around a bulky vacuum machine can start to destroy furniture and doors by bumping, and the entire process can be a difficult task when stairs or other obstacles are in vacuuming range. Fortunately, the Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright UH70400 is a lightweight full powered model capable of conquering any of the various tasks associated with heavy machine.

The WindTunnel Air Bagless accomplishes the task of floor cleaning by maximizing suction by cleaning the air as it travels through two filters. However, the power of this machine is even more impressive considering the weight comes in at just 12 pounds. It is easy to underestimate the amount of the suction provided by this model, because it picks up dirt and dust from carpets that look clean. In addition, the quick-connecting wand is easy to attach and detach from the unit for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and other odd areas. Since the brush roll automatically stops when the handle is up and locked into position, there is no mark in the floor when the handle is disconnected.

Perhaps the most impressive features of the UH70400 are the maneuverability and ease of maintenance. Because this Hoover WindTunnel Upright is so light, pushing it around the house is a breeze instead of a chore. The handle even reclines all the way to down, which grants the device the ability to reach the entire way under the bed from one side. Maintenance on the unit is accomplished by rinsing out the main filter and a few checks on the HEPA filter. Sort of regularly emptying of the main dust cup, this device requires less work than other major and minor appliances in the house. Top notch power and a lightweight design make this Hoover a great replacement for heavier and more expensive vacuums.