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Waging War Against the Dust Bunnies

Evil dust bunny is hoping you don’t learn vacuum types. Or for that matter, ever use one again.

Evil dust bunny is hoping you don’t learn vacuum types. Or for that matter, ever use one again.

They’re fluffy, evil, and composed of all those secret hairs that fell off your head when you weren’t looking. They also probably steal your useless pocket lint. These evil nose-twitching lagomorphs are under your bed, couch, and behind the curtains, plotting viciously how to take over your home.

Luckily, an effective vacuum can be your sword and shield to banish those little lint balls forever.

Obviously, vacuums aren’t really…optional. It’s a pretty essential home appliance. But are you getting the right kind of vacuum for the type of space that you are living in? Choose your weapon wisely:

Handheld vacuums. The lightweight models are useful for small cleaning jobs, like the living room or small dry messes. Some are cordless, which means less tripping. If you’re an artist or crafter, these can be handy for picking up glitter or cheerios. Some also have wet mess features so there’s officially no use crying over that spilled milk. However, these probably won’t do a ton of collateral damage to the dust bunny forces.

Portable electric handheld vacuums. Ooh, portable and electric, sounds fancy. But be warned: these are much bulkier and better suited for heavy duty jobs. If you live in a small apartment, this probably isn’t what you need. Maybe if you own a yacht or minivan. Probably not something you want to lug around the entire house unless you’re working on bodybuilding and want a challenge.

Sticks and Sweepers. SWIFFER! I know you are all thinking of the commercials. For some reason, I’ve always wanted to try using one of these. Stick vacuums are kind of the gray area between vacuums and brooms. Weird, right? I think these look a bit silly, but that’s precisely the point. If you have a vendetta against brooms, a stick vacuum or sweeper could be the one for you. These are good for quick, light cleaning, like when you forget you had guests coming over in 15 minutes. Oops.

Robots. Everyone who has watched movies knows that robots are going to take over the world anyway, so you might as well deploy some to fight off the dust bunnies while you are gone. This is definitely the most hands-off approach, but many robotic vacuums can be more expensive and may also run into you while you are walking around and surprise guests, so weigh the pros and cons carefully. You also have to pick things off the floor before letting it loose, unless you want your Roomba to eat your kids’ toys. However, few women have the time to dust their house surfaces every day and many robot vacuums are become smarter and more efficient, so a Roomba is a pretty easy way to keep your house looking clean and make everyone else think you’re too good for dust.

Canisters. These win best all-around, there are now many models that are easy to store and carry. Prices between models can vary quite a lot. Make sure if you want to go hard on your carpets you consider a power bar attachment. They come with or without bags and sometimes have cool features like air purification. Vacuums have indeed come a long way since the 50’s.

Upright. Once used for carpets only, most can now be used for all floors. They can be bag less and easily the most economical. But if you have shining, glorious wooden floors, make sure you get an upright vacuum that has softer bristles so you don’t scratch anything. Curtains may also prove to be a pain, so look at the extra features carefully. These can also be great for tackling pet hair! The Dyson DC41 Animal and Dyson DC39 Animal were both made specifically for this purpose, in fact.

Wet & Dry. You’re hot and you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re…well, you get the point, people like these because they are dual function and can tackle a variety of messes. If a hurricane or flood came through, this is the vacuum you would want at your arsenal. These were traditionally used for spaces like garages, but now their use is expanding. They can do heavy duty suction, but probably aren’t the best for a light dusting off.

Now you know: not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. Regardless of which you choose, it would seem dust’s days are numbered and you will have a leg up with constantly improving vacuum technology for consumers.

Source: Housewares.about.com