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About Us

The world of appliances, air quality and home products can be difficult for the average person to navigate. “What do I actually need? What will improve my quality of life?” These are the questions we seek to answer at the very heart of Happy Havens. Our goal is to give consumers information on home products and trends as well as promote wellness and a more clean, organic lifestyle. We give special twofold product reviews, listing both the technical features of home products along with a personalized, down-to-earth review of what kind of person each is designed for. We believe well informed choices are always the best ones.

Happy Havens covers a wide array of topics from DIY and wellness to tips for saving money and going green. A “Happy Haven” is living in a space that truly feels like a home; it is sustainable to the environment, healthy to live in, and lessens the risk of disease for you and your loved ones. We want our visitors to feel more happy and productive in the spaces they inhabit whether through improving air quality, feeling good about saving energy, or having beautiful decor and well-organized design. We hope you enjoy your stay at Happy Havens: let the wellness begin.