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Falling in love with a clean house for fall

Get ready for winter and to enjoy your time snuggled up indoors with these fall cleaning tips.

Get ready for winter and to enjoy your time snuggled up indoors with these fall cleaning tips.

It’s finally fall! That means pumpkin spice lattes, caramel apples, Halloween and Thanksgiving, along with beautiful leaves and cool weather. Not to mention my birthday was this month!

But as the indoors start to become a cozy shelter from the winter cold, it’s probably time to do some fall cleaning and get rid of some dust in the air and make your house a bit livable for some wonderful nights in front of the fireplace (or the TV under a blanket drinking hot cocoa browsing Facebook and Pinterest, pretty much the same thing).

A lot of people decorate their home for Halloween to welcome trick-or-treaters and families often have company over for Thanksgiving, making it a good time to show off a clean home. Even if there is family feuding, at least everything is dusted and clean so people can breathe well, right? It’s a start.

Be on allergy alert. Did you know 75% of spring allergy sufferers are allergic to ragweed, a plant with yellow flowers that pollinates beginning in August through the fall? It doesn’t matter if the plant is close to you, as its spores can travel for hundreds of miles! Piles of damp leaves are also breeding grounds for mold, along with damp basements. Sometimes dust mites get stirred up in the air when turning on the heat / furnace for the first time.

Wash the windows. Leaves are probably falling everywhere, make sure your windows are clean to watch the show.

Freshen the carpets. Late fall is considered the best time of year to clean carpets, as once winter hits, most people are holed up indoors for awhile. All the dirt that has accumulated on the carpets the past several months will be holed up with you, so it’s good to get it clean, even if it needs to be done professionally. A good sweep with the vacuum never hurts!

Clean patio furniture then put it in the garage or shed for the year. Sadly those BBQ cookouts and summer nights watching fireflies while relaxing on the rocking chair with some sweet tea are over for the year. But this means pulling life indoors and getting pumped for Christmas!

Gut the gutters. This is never fun, but unfortunately when leaves are scenically falling across the yard, they will be on the grass to be raked, in the gutters, and on every panel and outdoor surface. This is the most important time of the year to clean out gutters.

Organize and bring out the decorations. Whether you’re the type to light the yard and every square inch of your property with Christmas cheer or just like to have a pumpkin on your doorstep every year, the holidays are usually when people put some effort into redecorating. Why not reorganize some of your storage and declutter as you’re rummaging through it? This fall cleaning tip will save you time in the long run.

Do good and donate. Chances are in late fall you will notice you have some winter clothes from last year you can’t remember wearing…ever. So while you’re cleaning out the house, do some good and donate clothes you don’t need to keep someone less fortunate warm this winter.

Cover the pool. You’re lucky if you can get a good swim in late September, so don’t let your pool sit just to have leaves and junk accumulate through winter.

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