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Pin review: DIY Dollar Store Moisturizing Lotion Gift

The original post / idea is by One Good Thing by Jillee, using baby lotion, vitamin E cream & coconut oil to make a simple DIY moisturizing lotion.

The original post / idea is by One Good Thing by Jillee, using baby lotion, vitamin E cream & coconut oil to make a simple DIY moisturizing lotion.

It’s almost the holidays! Now that exams are nearly over, it’s time for me to start scrambling to make some inexpensive handmade gifts to show the people I care about them despite being on a small budget. Today the pin that I am reviewing is a soft, pink handmade lotion with vitamin E, coconut oil, and baby lotion. Winter is the worst time of year for dry skin and rough feet so moisturizing lotion didn’t seem like a bad idea for a holiday gift. So now…it’s time to make some lotion!

As you can see, the ingredients I used were slightly different – I went with what I could find at the local dollar store. However, they have the same basic ingredients – baby lotion, vitamin E, and coconut oil extracty stuff. Each bottle was $1, I need to go back and get more baby lotion though. To be honest, I was a bit off my crafting / DIY game when I decided to this project, but maybe that’s a good thing, since this is supposed to be a simple project.

The recipe is simple: Use twice as much baby lotion as the other ingredients proportionally. (I put the other two in later so it looks like there’s more of them, but I promise it’s just because they’re on top). Put the lotion in a whisking bowl. Get ready to whisk!

After whisking, it looks pretty much the same as the original tutorial, all nice and pink and lotion-esque. However, from reading the tutorial I thought it would smell like heaven, and it didn’t really have a strong scent at all.

Maybe I just don’t like babies or something, but I decided to add another lotion to give it a more prominent scent, because none of the three lotions I picked really had one. Cocoa butter smells a tad waxy to me (though it’s great for skin / stretch marks). This lotion is blue, so when mixed it created a pretty lavender color.

The jar and packaging seems to really make or break this project. It’s great to recycle jars, but you may just want to buy a cheap one from the store and some ribbon or a cute tag if it’s a gift. A mason jar would be great, and there are a lot of ideas on Pinterest on how to decorate those. Also, unless you buy several or bigger bottles, it doesn’t make a ton. (Though it’s still not expensive, I only ran out of baby lotion to make this batch).

The consensus: This pin has major pluses – ALL the ingredients can be found in the dollar store. It’s customizable; you can use different kinds of lotions to make a unique creation, or maybe add the recipient’s favorite scent. But my favorite thing about this lotion is how moisturizing it is. Using just a little covers a large area and it is great as a dry skin cream. I think it’s better quality than the “deeply moisturizing” foot creams for dry feet. It’s a little messy to make, but I think it will make a great gift!

What did you think of this pin review? Would you consider making this lotion yourself?