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The air purifier company known as Alen was founded in 2004 after founder Warburg Lee experienced problems with his allergies for the first time in his life. This occurred after moving to Texas and Warburg was interested in finding ways to successfully handle the problem. He discovered that air purifiers worked best for him, but he also found that there was a lack of products in this field to suit his needs. He decided that if he had noticed this problem, then surely others had as well, and he set out to create a solution.

Lee’s company started to create air purifiers that were made with more effective technology. This new technology would be able to help not only those who suffer from allergies, but also those who have COPD, asthma, lung disease, and more. This is the only company in this particular niche industry to offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty on all of its products. This allows the company to back up its stand that it will always provide customers with high quality products that will help them to breathe easier.