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Continental Electric

Continental Electric was started more than 30 years ago by the Leyva family of Miami, FL. They have had great success manufacturing and marketing household appliances including air conditioners, floor care devices, kitchen appliances and more.

Today the Continental Electric brand still exists, but is part of a larger company called CEM. The company also manufactures several other brands including Professional Series, Fortunato and KUL Air Products. The company is still owned by Aurelio Leyva and his family. In addition to their Miami warehouse, they now have facilities in California, North Carolina, New Jersey and Puerto Rico. CEM enjoys a reputation for integrity, quality and good customer service.

CEM appliances have Energy Star ratings, making them good choices for homeowners wishing to switch to environmentally responsible devices. They are attractively designed and come in several models and colors to match any d├ęcor.

In March 2012, CE North America launched a line of home environment appliances including dehumidifiers, air systems, fans and other products. The goal is to design new ways of doing home environment tasks to improve efficiency and convenience. Their line will include rechargeable and battery-powered appliances, new safety features and many other developments.

CEM continues to lead their field in innovation, design and customer satisfaction.

Continental Electric 40 Pint Dehmidifier

The Continental Electric 40 Pint Dehumidifier is a perfect choice for those needing to remove moisture and musty smells from relatively small spaces. Compact, yet durable, this spectacular device works quietly and effortlessly to remove up to 40 pints of moisture every 24 hours, leaving behind dry, comfortable space. Weighing only 35 pounds, and equipped Read more »