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Named after the famous declaration from Greek mathematician Archimedes, the company called Eureka has been manufacturing innovative vacuum cleaners since 1909. Founded by real estate auctioneer Fred Wardell in Detroit, Michigan the company has grown into one of the most recognizable vacuum brands in the world.

Under Mr. Wardell’s leadership and strategy of acquiring vacuum patents, Eureka quickly expanded production- manufacturing 2,000 vacuum cleaners per day in 1919. By 1927, behind a vigorous national marketing campaign and seemingly omni-present door-to-door sales force, Eureka could claim ownership of fully a third of the nation’s vacuum market.

After dabbling with manufacturing other home appliances in the 1930s, Eureka’s manufacturing plants played a role in producing war materials for the Allied efforts in World War II. After the war, Eureka moved its operations to Illinois after a merger.

In the post war economic boom, Eureka would continue to serve as a leading technological innovator. In 1949, the company would develop the “wooden lung,” a medical device that helped Americans through the polio outbreaks of the 1950s. In 1961, Eureka produced the world’s first mass production electric car, the Henny Kilowatt.

Eureka became a part of the Swedish company AB Electrolux in 1974, and ten years later the company was producing its best-ever sales figures. The late 1980′s saw Eureka’s national prominence rise with the heavily promoted and influential “The Boss” line.

Today, Eureka continues to operate as a division of AB Electrolux, producing award winning and environmentally conscious products. The Eureka Boos SmartVac is routinely recognized as a “Best Buy” by Consumers Digest, while many of the company’s vacuums are recognized by EnergyStar. Under the Electrolux umbrella, Eureka, in conjunction with three other brands, continues to produce and distribute a number of high-grade vacuum models in multiple shapes, sizes, and price ranges.