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Eva-Dry markets a line of environmentally friendly portable dehumidifiers. They have been in the business for ten years and have achieved considerable success, becoming one of the leading manufacturers in their field.

In a business dominated by disposable dehumidifying products, Eva-Dry has pioneered a new concept. Their products use a silica gel that absorbs moisture from the air, starting out blue and turning pink as more water is absorbed. When the gel is completely pink, it has reached its full capacity. At this point, it can be renewed simply by plugging the dehumidifier into a wall outlet in a ventilated area for a few hours. The machine makes gentle warmth that evaporates the moisture in the gel without posing a fire hazard or injury risk. When the drying process is complete, the gel is blue and ready for use again.

This process can be repeated for up to ten years. With old-style products using calcium chloride, desiccants have to be replaced frequently. With Eva-Dry products, the user is relieved of the expense of buying more desiccants, and less waste goes into the environment.

The Eva-Dry company makes a wide variety of dehumidifying products for rooms, machinery, gun cabinets and other locations. The elimination of excess moisture prevents water damage and reduces molds and other allergens. Unlike calcium chloride products, Eva-Dry’s dehumidifiers do not involve buckets of water needing to be changed.

Eva-Dry’s design of specific devices for different jobs in the home has produced a line of useful, effective products for all applications. The company’s products have won the endorsement of the National Health and Wellness Club and have been featured on Brian Fasulo’s Live Better TV show.

Eva-Dry Home Value Pack

The EvaDry home value pack is a great choice for eliminating moisture from small areas where a standard sized dehumidifier isn’t necessary. They are designed with portability and convenience in mind. The EvaDry EDV-1100 is a petite, electronic dehumidifier designed to be used in small spaces, such as laundry rooms and bathrooms. The 16 oz. Read more »