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Makita has almost a 100 year history of manufacturing the best industrial power tools for professionals. The leader in developing motors, Makita is known for making the best power tools on the market. The company prides itself on giving professionals tools that weigh less and are more efficient than other competing products. Their tools are meant to withstand any hazardous condition.

A large extensive network of over 600 Authorized Service Centers help service their products and tools. The company ensures that each facility provides the highest level of quality service and understands the powerful mechanics behind them. Each service center is ready with friendly and efficient customer service.

In addition to providing tools, Makita also has a national Makita Factory Services Center to help repair and service its equipment. The Makita Factory Service Center only allows highly trained technicians to help fix tools. The Factory Service Center can use replacement parts from Makita instead of other generic parts.

The turnaround time is three business days and the center offers free estimates for any repairs. Another example of their level of customer service is that they will pick and deliver tools for free in certain areas. Their trained staff will also provide telephone support for customers that have a problem or want more education about the power tools.

Makita only uses the best high quality materials to make their professional grade motors. Their products last for an extended period of time due to their materials and every tool goes through testing and 19 quality checks before the product is approved for final use. Makita also makes sure to place their tools under electrical stress to make sure that it can still perform. The company is known for having the sturdiest power tools available for builders and construction workers on the market.