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Mint is an automatic hard surface cleaning system that uses navigation and smart sensors. In the last decade, many automatic vacuums have come out that were great for cleaning up carpets, but they lacked the ability to clean hard floors effectively. They often moved dirt and dust into new locations instead of actually cleaning it. Evolution Robotics didn’t think that home owners should have to choose between manual mopping and having clean floor surfaces. They wanted to create an automatic device that could clean hard floors without the effort and difficulty of manual labor.

Evolution Robotics ended up implementing advanced technologies into a tiny device that could be used exclusively to clean hard floors. This efficient and uncompromising product came to be known as Mint. This product comes in several different models that feature enhanced battery life, fast charging, and enhanced cleaning and room-to-room navigation. Mint uses advanced navigation to track where it goes in the house, meaning it will never waste time cleaning spots that have already been reached. The small device is able to get into hard to reach locations where most vacuums can’t go. Mint also operates with very low noise levels, making it friendly to people and pets in the home who are trying to relax.

Mint costs anywhere from $200 to $320, depending on what type of model is purchased. Various accessories like charging stations, battery replacements, mopping cloths and cleaning pads can be purchased at the Mint online store.