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Oasis International Inc. is a distributor of drinking water and manufacturer of clean water delivery systems and equipment. The company was founded in 1910, with its products now available in over eighty countries around the world. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Oasis has facilities in Mexico, Ireland, and Poland. Trademarked brand names under the Oasis umbrella include: Aqua Pointe, Versacooler, Freshshield, and Green Filter.

Oasis services commercial, residential, and municipal clients with water coolers, drinking fountains, filters and filtration systems, and dehumidifiers. The company specializes in designing environmentally friendly innovations, such as reusable filters and water bottle filler systems that limit plastic bottle usage and waste. Over 100 years ago, Oasis introduced the first non-refrigerated water fountain to the marketplace.

Patriarch Partners LLC, a private equity firm and holding company, is the majority owner of Oasis. Patriarch is the largest woman-owned business in America. Lynn Tilton is the CEO and Principal.