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The Rowenta brand is over a century old, established in 1909 by the German manufacturing firm Robert Weintraud & Co. GmbH. The name “Rowenta” is an acronym of the name Robert Weintraud, who founded the company in 1884. The first products made under the Rowenta brand name included office supplies, watches, lighting, and smoking accessories. In the hundred years since, the Rowenta brand has become best known for home appliances from irons to hair dryers to coffee makers.

Rowenta has pioneered several now-ubiquitous consumer and professional products. The Rowenta electric iron, first introduced in 1919, was an early commercial success. They also created the first thermostat-controlled iron in 1949, following it less than a decade later with the first steam iron. Digitally-controlled high-precision ironing products – such as the Eco Intelligence DW6080, Pro Master, and Steamium Irons – are still a major part of Rowenta’s product portfolio today.

In 1926, the company introduced the first restaurant-grade electric coffee maker, marketing the product with the slogan “It’s a Rowenta You Need.” One of Rowenta’s biggest successes in this category was the KG-22, introduced in 1971. The Filtermatic, as it was also known, combined fast performance, convenient features, and colorful styling into a popular product. More than one million Filtermatics were sold before the end of the decade.

Floor care was a relatively recent addition to the Rowenta product line, with the first Rowenta vacuums, steamers, and polishers introduced in 1974. The company quickly focused on making lightweight, convenient, and powerful vacuum cleaners – a focus that continues with Rowenta’s Delta Force line today.

Now owned by the French firm Groupe SEB, which bought Robert Weintraud & Co. in 1988, the Rowenta brand has continued to combine design and convenience in products that reflect “Intelligent Beauty,” the company’s new motto and slogan.