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Dyson DC39 Animal

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Our Review:

Made with dog and cat owners in mind, the Dyson DC39 Animal Canister vacuum looks more like a high tech pet on a leash in design than your typical bulky 1950’s style vacuum. This product is perfect for pet owners who want to get the job done with no loss of consistency in suction. It is stylish and unique in design, with a clear bin to easily see that the job is done and when it needs to be emptied. The powerful bin limits allergens by emptying by simply pushing a button. Its ball design allows it to turn quickly, and its controls are on the handle so no back bending is required.


The Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum was designed to bring the power and performance of Dyson in a compact package for pet owners.

If your family pet’s shedding is a problem, this vacuum was specifically designed to easily handle pet hair in the home. With no need for a bag and the ability to make quick work of pet hair messes, the Dyson DC39 is exactly the solution pet owners.

The Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum features two attachment heads for both large and small surface areas. The triggerhead tool delivers deep cleaning to carpets while the mini turbine attachment is ideal for furniture and harder to reach areas. Tool adjustments can be performed from the handle without bending over. If you have back problems, this feature makes the Dyson DC39 well worth the investment. Dyson also made sure that the DC39 Animal produced reduced noise levels as to not upset many pets that are affected by the loud noise of most vacuums.

Dyson’s ball technology is also included in the animal canister vacuum for easy movement around the house without hang-ups. It is very easy to see when the vacuum needs emptied because of its clear canister. Emptying is simple and clean and involves holding the canister above a trash bin and pressing a button.

The Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum delivers powerful suction, deep carpet cleaning, ergonomic operation and reduced noise for the benefit of your pet. Dyson’s vacuum technologies combined with this unique design make the Dyson DC39 the best choice of pet hair vacuum currently available.