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Miele S7210 Twist Upright Vacuum

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Our Review:

Deep pile, low pile, carpets or smooth, add a twist to your vacuuming routine with the Miele S7210. Extremely maneuverable with Miele’s patented SwivelNeck technology, the S7210 Twist Upright has automatic height adjustment, a sealed air cleaning filter and rotary dial speed control. The casing and motor are under 7 year warranty. The unique handle grip makes it a breeze to go up and down stairs. The vacuum cleaner head even has lights to help you see what you’re cleaning when navigating under furniture. With many little features added with thought and care, this German vacuum aims to please.


Imagine the possibility of vacuuming your floor without having to move every piece of furniture out of the way. The Miele S7210 Twist upright Vacuum Cleaner is uniquely designed with SwivelNeck technology, which allows you to finally get to those hard to reach areas that normally require some moving. This feature allows your vacuum to literally lie flat on the floor as the machine is able to extend underneath tables and furniture with ease. Additionally, this amazing machine is equipped with an automatic height adjustment mechanism which will allow it to recognize and adjust to varying surface changes without losing its outstanding suction power. The user’s only job is simply to guide this vacuum in the right direction.

The affordable Miele S7210 is perfect for those who need multi-functionality like the easy maneuverability, adjusting heights, and outstanding suction power, but are on a tight budget. After a single use, you’ll feel as if you have got away with highway robbery as this machine is rich with useful features. Whether you have hard-wood, tile, or plush carpet, this machine is designed to conquer all floor types. For those hard-to-reach high areas like ceilings or tall furniture, the vacuum comes equipped with a 12 foot extended hose. While many vacuums require frequent vacuum bag changes, the Miele uses excellent quality extra-large bags which hold an abundance of dirt and debris. All of these great features come packed into stunningly attractive, well-built machine.