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Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister Vacuum

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Our Review:

While Panasonic may be more well-known for their cameras and electronics, this burgundy MC-CG902 canister vacuum may be worth a second look if you want a small vacuum that can handle all kinds of dirt and dust at a good value. Its surprisingly large nozzle for a canister vacuum lets you clean large areas faster, with an ergonomic closed-loop handle that reduce straining and fatigue. Whether you’re dusting a lamp, cleaning upholstered furniture, handling bare floors or high carpets, this Panasonic canister vacuum has the tools on board to help you do the job. It’s perfect if you are a canister fan looking for a small but good value vacuum to do a lot of varied cleaning.


If you need a compact vacuum that can make maneuvering through the house easy, you need to try the Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister Vacuum Cleaner. This little vacuum cleaner has a powerful 12 amp motor that has the power of a larger machine. This powerhouse can handle bare floors and the deepest carpet piles without hesitation. The unit comes with a 14 inch cleaning path which means you can cover more ground in fewer passes and the closed loop ergonomic handle makes moving this unit quick and easy.

One feature that makes this vacuum stand out from the others is the handle and control designs. The handle sits at the top of the wand feature of this canister vacuum. From the handle you can control on/off for the vacuum as well as the agitator. On bare floors, the agitator can cause damage if turned on. This convenient design makes transitioning between flooring simple.

The vacuum comes with a range of on-board tools including a dusting brush for lamp shades and table tops and an upholstery brush for chairs and sofas. The crevice tool makes getting into those tight spaces easy and with the two wands you can extend the hose in any direction you want. All accessories are found under the lid for easy storage and access. With four carpet height adjustment, you can put this canister vacuum to work on any floor surface throughout the house.