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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro

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Our Review:

Two words describe the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro: consistent and maneuverable. This vacuum has special technology for consistent and powerful suction, every time. It can be held like an upright vacuum or swivel like a hand vacuum because of its detachable canister. It is the perfect vacuum for tackling pet hair or allergies, as its sealing technology prevents animal dander and other allergens from going back into the air you breathe as you vacuum. It even comes with a special pet hair cleaning tool. If you have a tough-to-clean microfiber sofa or microfiber chairs, you’ll also be pleased to hear that the Shark Navigator comes with a washable microfiber pad. And of course, there’s a crevice tool for reaching into corners and for stairs, along with a dusting brush for bare floor cleaning.


Thanks to its superb functionality, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro could possibly make vacuuming one of your favorite household chores! There are dozens of vacuums advertised with a claim to have phenomenal suction power, yet fail to deliver. In a society where busy is an understatement, people just don’t have the time or patience to vacuum their floors over and over again just to find dirt remains to sit atop their carpet. The suction power of the navigator takes care of that concern and more, lifting and removing dirt and dust that lies well beneath just the top layer.

In addition to being an amazingly powerful machine, the Lift-Away Pro is designed with anti-allergen complete seal technology, which is something many other vacuum manufacturers have attempted is the past. The anti-allergen complete seal technology prevents most of the dust particles from spewing back in the air as it traps them inside the machine. Although perfect for anyone, as dust is an unwelcome visitor in nearly any home, this feature is especially ideal for those who suffer from asthma and allergies. The vacuum is also astonishingly lightweight, and moves around corners and furniture with ease while delivering outstanding power and performance.