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Winix 70-Pint Dehumidifier w/Built-In Pump

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Our Review:

Tired of wasting energy and wanting to go a little greener? The sleek black and silver Winix 70 pint is unique in that it offers three ways to drain the water: manually emptying the bucket, a no-leak gravity drain, and an included pump that can drain the water vertically about 15 feet. It is energy star rated and has wheel. And who says extracting water means storing bacteria? This Winix dehumidifier has an antimicrobial treated tank that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria pulled from the air. The WDH871 is as modern and chic as dehumidifiers come and shuts off when humidity is low and dehumidification is not needed, saving you energy and giving you options.


Controlling excess humidity in a residential environment has never been more affordable. The top-rated Winix WDH871 70 Pint Dehumidifier eliminates harmful moisture in temperatures as low as 36 degrees Fahrenheit. The Winix WDH871 is the ideal solution for cold basements and other humid home environments. This Energy Star rated dehumidifier is capable of removing up to 70 pints of unwanted moisture in a 24 hour period from areas as large as 1,500 square feet.

The Winix WDH871 Dehumidifier offers an abundance of easy to use features, including a programmable timer, two fan speeds and three ways to remove water from the unit. Excess humidity causes structural damage, mold, mildew, germs and undesirable musty odors. The sleek 70 Pint dehumidifier comes with an electronic control panel, a washable air filter, rolling casters, carrying handles and a full-bucket indicator light. The collection bucket is protected with Antimicrobial Technology to prevent the growth of unhealthy bacteria, mold and mildew. Winix dehumidifiers remove water vapor to produce air that is fresh, dry and healthy. The unit comes with a large capacity water bucket, but you can also employ the no-leak gravity drain attachment or the built-in condensate pump to move the water to a desired location. The pump can lift the water up to 15 feet.

This dehumidifier improves the efficiency of a home heating and air conditioning system. A portable dehumidifier automatically removes excessive humidity to create a more comfortable home environment. The WDH871 also features a low room humidity indicator, auto defrosts capability, and full bucket automatic shut off and auto restart in the event of a power outage. Anyone can use the pushbutton controls to set a humidity level from 35 to 70 percent. The Winix 70 Pint Dehumidifier has the competition beat in so many ways.