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Top 10 Creative DIY Holiday Gifts

The life of sustainability and ingenious crafting – many of us want it, few of us actually feel we have time for it.

A popular trend this holiday season, with the advent of Pinterest, has been making your own gifts for friends and family. A unique aspect of homemade gifts is that they often used recycled materials or natural materials you already have on hand! Here are our top affordable and creative DIY gifts this holiday season from a variety of creative crafting bloggers, if you’re looking for ideas:

Idea from Sparkle & Hay

Idea from Sparkle & Hay

1. DIY Printed Candles – While stamp sets aren’t free (most of the ones I saw were around $14), this project is my top pick; there’s no denying that this project just looks plain cool. I feel like candles are a gift that are kind of bland on their own (you don’t see “candles” on the top of most Christmas lists), but in putting a little thought and customization into them they make a way better gift!

I am thinking about making this project as a Christmas present for a few very special women in my life! They actually use candles a lot in their home for the smell, and I think they would really like it. The tutorial says to use a lighter color candle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with the scent or size!

2. Handmade Moisturizing Lotion – made from 3 ingredients: baby lotion, vitamin E cream, and coconut oil which can be purchased altogether for under $10. I love the light pink color, plus the ingredients are supposed to give it a great scent. And with vitamin E, baby lotion, and coconut oil, how could it not be good for your skin? With the air being so dry in the winter, I think this would make a great holiday gift, plus many of the ingredients could be purchased at a dollar store.

3. Vintage Tin Candles – Okay, so obviously I am into the idea of making candle crafts this holiday season. But I have so many beautiful Chinese tea tins, and now there’s something I can do with them! I think small holiday popcorn / cookie tins could work too. This craft also has a similar teacup variety which I would like to try! And another blogger made glitter candles with cute printables. I think it’s a cool way to recycle tins and old vintage teacups from a thrift store to make an extra beautiful gift.

4. No Sew Slipper Socks – I saw this pin on Pinterest and was immediately attracted to the words “no sew” as we don’t even own a sewing machine anymore. These comfy shoes use suede fabric, fusible webbing and ironing onto a pair of thick socks, creating super socks. During the whole month of December I am usually on break from school and lazing around indoors, so these look super comfortable and will prevent from slipping on hardwood stairs!

5. Barbeque Rub – For some reason, barbeque sauce makes a great gift. Probably because it gives the other person a reason to eat more barbeque. I think it would make a great present for any guy who is hard to gift for or any avid BBQ lover! Not to mention that the swirls look really cool, and it could be dressed up with a cute ribbon or customized gift tag!

6. Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub – Who doesn’t like pumpkin spice? It’s how we all know fall is approaching, after all. Plus it smells heavenly. I think the holidays are not too late for a pumpkin spice gift! This sugar scrub is great for exfoliating and giving someone you know the gift of beautiful hands. The label is also too cute! It’s not very difficult to make, and looks like something from a beauty store. Whoever receives the gift will probably be amazed you made it yourself!

7. DIY Eyemask – Sleep: officially the best gift you can give anyone. This one requires a bit of sewing skills, but just think of the possibilities. You can use any fabric or design! You could easily make a Batman, Wonderwoman, or one with characters from the recipient’s favorite band, movie, or show! It may seem a little silly, but as someone who uses eye masks religiously, I can say that they are great for travel (sleeping in cars / airplanes), as well as taking naps in the middle of the day if you don’t have black out curtains. Mine is just plain, but seeing this craft makes me wish I had a custom one…

8. Black & Tan Brownies & Booze – Enough with the frilly gifts already, you’re probably thinking. Men are notoriously hard to shop and craft for. So what would make a great gift set for a guy? Chocolate blondie brownies and a small whiskey / beer flask, of course. This idea was originally for groomsmen, but could easily be made into a great holiday gift for men. Skip the underwear and socks and get them something they can use immediately! If you want to avoid gifting alcohol, try their favorite soda. Even some instant hot chocolate packets wouldn’t be a bad idea! It all depends on what your man likes to eat and drink, making this gift set especially thoughtful and customizable.

9. Foolproof Holiday Fudge – An easy fudge recipe? Say whaaat? Martha has obviously done it again. Obviously, chocolate fudge is one of the best gifts on earth, but it’s not the easiest thing to make, so this recipe breaks it down to make it cooking “foolproof” if it’s your first time making fudge. Adding crushed peppermint and a cute box to fit the winter holidays is perfect! I can imagine that anyone opening this cute little box’s face would immediately light up. You could also make a batch and use it as a gift for multiple people! This holiday gifting stuff is getting too easy.

10. DIY bath salts – a scented hot bath, again, what could be better? Similar to the barbeque rub, getting this gift is giving the recipient permission to pamper themselves with a warm winter soak, which is always a great gift. Also, it’s not hard to do. And again, like many of the other DIYs in this post, it’s very customizable: you can pick the color it’s dyed, the essential oils to use / scent, and even your own jar labeling.

Bonus idea: Planetary Plates – have a science or astronomy lover in your family? These plates are just too awesome, they really do look like the texture of the planets. Not sure if they are just for decoration or are dishwasher safe, but in theory what kid wouldn’t want to eat mac & cheese off the surface of the moon? I think a elementary-aged boy would love this gift! Just make these for him and tell him that only he can use the planet plates. A great way to decorate a young astronomer’s room or get your kids interested in science, too. How could would it be for them to tell you about each of the planets they learned about in school?

Hopefully these craft ideas will get your wheels turning for the holidays, share and enjoy and check out the above creative inspiration blogs!